Strengths And Weaknesses Analysis

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Reflecting on our strengths and weaknesses before starting our first practicum will be a good memento for our practice. It allows me to figure strengths that give me hope and confirm that I can do it. My written weaknesses will be a good tool to know what to improve in my practice right from the beginning. Our goals are a good way to see where our strengths and weaknesses fit in there and how taking care of our selves is of prime importance. I have always had a genuine interest into others. Even though it is not a technique that we can learn, it is an essential component of our profession. We need to be able to listen to long and sometimes difficult stories in order to help our clients. They may need to rephrase a trauma many times in order…show more content…
When it comes to my short-term goal, it is obvious that I need to focus now on my self-care. I need to find a therapist that I am willing to work with and that I trust. I realize that it is now crunch time and that it needs to be taking care of right away. In that same field, I need to make time to take care of myself and set priority in a different way that I usually do. I picked a practicum that I think is not going to be on the easy side so I need to preserve myself for the ling run and set self-care practice that I can keep doing in the future. My next semester goal is to work on my active listening skills. As I already mentioned I believe they are the roots, the base of a good working relationship. It is a skill that I need to reinforce to make sure that it is part of my practice. Active listening with practice will enable me to integrate not only what the client is saying but how he is saying it, his body language, what he is not saying. I will have a fuller picture. More than that we can only work on what we heard was an issue. This active listening will have me work as well on letting the client lead the way and find solutions for himself. In order to reach this goal I will try to reflect on what I did during sessions with my clients. I will be able to see if what I am doing is having any effects on my clients or not. I need to keep awareness of what I am doing in my practice. Knowing that I want to improve that aspect will have me focus on it. Finally, my long-term goal is to develop self-confidence. I realized through our different videos in our Helping Relationships class, that in being more relaxed and more self-confident, it flows better. Those videos showed me that it is important to let the client express himself and lead the therapy. More confidence in my practice will come with practice itself. The lack of confidence had me try to find solution early on and in the place of my
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