Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

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What is one weakness you have? A weakness that I have is that I can be too empathetic with people. I am an emotional person, especially with certain subjects. But that could be helpful when I am talking with customers, that I will be able to relate to them, and what they are trying to say. What is one thing you do well? I communicate with people well. When someone has a question, I am usually good at explaining the answer to them. So when a customer is confused about a product, I suppose that I would be helpful to have there to explain what it is that they are looking at. Why Are You Looking for a Job? - I am looking for a job because I want to help my parents pay for my college, and I want the experience here before I move out. I have determined that working here will help me learn even better how to deal with people, and give me more life experience. Why Are You Interested in Working for Our Company? - I am interested in working here because this is a healthier store, and I like to eat healthy. I have been going here since I was little, and I have nice memories here. I like the food and drinks here, so I assume it would be fun to work here. How Has School Prepared You For Working at Our Company? - School has prepared me for working here by making me organized. I rarely have late work, and I don’t have any missing assignments. I can keep track of things, and I work well with teachers/adults. I am nice to people at school, and I am trustworthy. Why Should We Hire
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