Understanding My Strengths And Weaknesses

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Indeed, it is important for individuals in our society to understand their strengths and weaknesses, as we can draw from our strengths to provide outstanding work. Furthermore, we can deal with our weaknesses in order to improve or completely eliminate them. In addition to understanding our strengths and weaknesses, a group or organization requires superb and tenacious leadership in order to be prosperous. Accordingly, those who demonstrate admirable qualities of leadership tend to succeed as they draw from their strengths and, more importantly, learn from their weaknesses. In determining my leadership style, I will assess my strengths and weaknesses in order to evaluate the ways in which I could demonstrate positive delegation with optimal performance. Thus, the qualities that make someone an exceptional leader is directly correlated to the character traits which dictate their leadership approach.

First, in the assessment of my strengths, I believe that I have attitude for success which drives me to be the best at what I do. Through this attitude, I push myself to be the hardest worker in the room in order
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In fact, I believe that my strengths are critical in a leadership position as they promote an organization to progress on a path to success, leading to the best possible scenario in my endeavours. Through these principles, I believe that my ideal leadership style is one that is quite democratic in nature, as I strive to get everyone involved in pursuit of a common goal. For that reason, I will strive to work on my leadership traits in order to become the best possible leader that I can be. Therefore, becoming a favorable leader of an organization is a challenge, but one that is easily accomplished through focusing on and improving one’s strengths and weaknesses which encompass their standards for outstanding
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