Strength And Weakness Of Report Essay

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Reflection of Report & 3 Strengths and 3 Weaknesses.
It was evident from my year 9 report that I get good grades, so I normally work hard and put a lot effort into my work. Moreover, this means that I do my homework and hand it up on time. I am also nice and respectful to my peers and I help them out whenever I can. This is a really good trait to have because then I can always ask other students for help. In addition, I am involved in the college community because of my participation in the Premiers Reading Challenge and other extra-curricular activities like sports.
The things I need to work on is my listening skills. I am a very bad listener because I get distracted very easily. And sometimes I don’t even end up doing my work because I am not concentrating. Another improvement that needs to be made is my time management, because I have been late to school more than a few times. Furthermore, very rarely I can be very lazy and not do any work at home if I am in a bad mood, and that can cause me to hand up my homework late.
The common trends that the teacher kept writing about me is that I generally put a lot of effort into my work, and also the fact that I have a good attitude. Some teachers also said that I am never afraid to ask for help in class.
Goals for 2018
1. To get a part time job before I turn 16.
2. To do all
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The benefits of getting fitter is so that you can have a healthier heart and life in the present and the future, because you’ll need a healthy heart to get you through those tough times when you reach your 70’s. I’ll know if I have got fitter by doing the school beep test and getting 11 and I can accomplish this goal, but I will need to eat more nutritious food and run more on the oval, and not give up when it gets hard and keep going. I will try and achieve this goal before the start of Term 2 and this goal is realistic, as I got 10.4 last year for my beep

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