Strengths And Weaknesses In Counseling

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A weakness of counsellor support is that children and young people may find it hard to go to a counsellor at the beginning for support. “At Way Forward we do understand how difficult it is to make that initial contact with a counsellor or even to walk through the door for the first time." Wayforaward counselling accessed on 01/02/18.This may be due to them worrying over what other children and young people may think. Another weakness of gaining support from a counselor is that young children may not find it useful due to having to communicate with people face to face. Another weakness for children and young people may be that they may find it hard to speak to a counselor as they may feel as if they are going to be judge or not taken seriously. Counselling is not appropriate for all children and young people and due to this counselling may be a weakness for some children, for example babies. This is because babies are unable to communicate and when wanting to tell someone how they feel they are unable to. Therefore babies would benefit more from therapeutic play.

When parents what to support their child 's well-being they could do a variety of things with them, for example carrying out family activities, sitting together when eating and siting together watching television. "One of the hardest things to do as a parent is to slow down and find the time to talk with and
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Another weakness may be that children and young people may also find it hard to communicate with their parents due to them feel as if they will let the family down due to being weak. Children and young people may also find it had to receive support for their parents due to them not wanting to cause any stress upon their
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