Strengths And Weaknesses In Language Arts

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In high school, I hope to be an A+ student in language arts and to continually grow. I have grown very much as a reader and writer in language arts. From 6th grade too now I have learned new things and have grown becoming better in language arts. I learned my strengths and weaknesses in reading and writing. Which helped me get better in language arts. I have many goals for myself in language arts that I hope to complete by the end of the year.In my life, my mom loved to read. When she was little so she gave me book recommendations that she liked which helped me learn to love to read. Reading and writing also come with accomplishments and struggles along the way but in time you improve and become better.
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As a writer, I have grown a lot from someone who used to hate writing too someone can enjoy it most of the time. I am still not the biggest fan of writing but if it 's something I like writing about I can enjoy it. My goal for writing this year is to use more detail and bigger vocabulary. A strategy I can use for using more detail I can elaborate more on important events in the story and add more about the background of characters. I can also read other text and come up with ideas from that. For using a bigger vocabulary I can learn new words and I can also find synonyms for words I already know and make them sound better. The interview question essay was a good strategy of learning more about character and details about their life and how you can add more detail. My goals will help me become a stronger reader and writer in language arts. They will also help me improve on my weaknesses and become better on my strengths. I have grown a lot in language arts and have become more successful and I hope I can become better and better each year and achieve most of my goals. Since I am hardworking and I will continue to push myself to become a better reader and writer. I have learned in the past a lot about my literacy journey and it 's far from over. I still have a lot

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