Strengths And Weaknesses In Teaching English

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INTRODUCTION This paper will discusses experiences in the classrooms and how to approach teaching English as a second language. This paper will discuss lessons and my personal experiences in the classroom. Experience in the classroom has varied between beginners, intermediate and advanced classes. I will discuss various teaching approaches to teaching English as a second language and about how classroom management is important to utilize. This paper will discuss a summary of observers of my teaching. Personal development will also be addressed in this paper. WHAT IS A GOOD TEACHER? “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.” Brad Henry. In my opinion, good teachers are enthusiastic,…show more content…
My teaching has been evaluated by the class instructor for 14 hours. During that time I have discovered some Lessons from the Classroom Pg 3 strengths and weaknesses in my teaching. My main weakness was uncovered during my teaching experience . I have not found an adequate way to address the students by their names. I tried writing the names on the board but I find myself randomly calling out names instead of making eye contact with the student I am calling on. I tried having the students write their names on a piece of paper on the front of their desks. This approach, was also found lacking, because I wear glasses, but do not like to to wear them while I teach. It is difficult to see the names and I find myself approaching the student to take a look at their name tags. This worked a little better but still seems I must memorize the students…show more content…
By session 3 was then described as excellent board organization. Also described was a good use of classroom space by moving around and placing students in groups. By the 5th teaching practice, I used paralinguistics to help explain things, including facial expressions, body movements and drawing examples on the board. The vocabulary lists continued to improve. By practice 7, I was not getting any bad marks and achieved a 9.5 score. On the 8th teaching session I was effectively achieving the grammar in practices and assignments. However, there was some trouble with pacing. By the 9th session that had improved. On occasion I was advised to smile more. I feel this has improved with my comfort level teaching. I am a smiling and happy person by nature and this quality makes itself more apparent as the teaching session goes on. WORKING WITH LIMITED RESOURCES Resources are not always available such as books. In this case, use a white board of black board to write your lessons. Do not write on the board for long periods, instead try to face the students when Lessons from the Classroom Pg 5 writing. You can have students read materials created by the teacher. Use magazines and advertisements to supplement materials used in the classroom. Learners tend to be
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