Strengths And Weaknesses In The Great Gatsby

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As I reviewed my Gatsby essay, I noticed that there were several strengths and weaknesses when it came to my writing and format. While I feel I did commit enough time and effort during the writing process, I probably neglected to double check for the mirror errors that resulted in my grade of a low B. My grade was satisfactory, but I know with some additional adjustments I can improve upon my writing and work towards achieving a higher grade for the next assignment. In this reflection I will discuss the strengths and weakness of my writing that resulted in the grade I received. One of my strengths on this assignment was my proficient,advanced thesis statements that shaped how I wrote and responded to the three prompts in my essay. My thesis statements for my prompts were strong and showed that I had a deep insight and clear understanding of the topics about the…show more content…
The first weakness I believe was my MLA format. I didn't go back to see if it was correct. After looking at what I did wrong, I found out that the title should have been scouted up and my header should have been down half an inch. By not double checking the format I lost the majority of points on this issue alone. The next weakness I displayed in my writing was my grammar punctuation errors. This was common throughout my whole paper and it could have been prevented by simply going back and proofreading my work. The most common grammar mistakes in my writing were colon, comma, and quotation mark errors. Not including a common theme in my thesis statements was another weakness I showed through my writing. Making this mistake caused my thesis statements to become proficient and less sophisticated. Including a theme statement in my thesis would have made some of my evidence and arguments more valid and persuasive while analyzing certain events that tok place in the
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