Strengths And Weaknesses In The Kite Runner

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In The Kite Runner Khaled offers up a commentary on a variety of themes- alienation; friendship; jealousy; love; redemption, and so on. Of all the themes, perhaps none is better developed than that of “Weakness and Strength.” The Kite Runner is regarded as a brilliant piece of English Literature, offering a vivid peek into the pre-Russian invasion and pre-Taliban rule of Afghanistan. It explores ideas about the human capacity for good and evil, and the relationship between sin, forgiveness, and atonement. For the most part, Ideas about strengths and weakness permeate The Kite Runner. This will be portrayed by the different characters throughout the novel.
Fistrly, In his work, Khaled follows the maturation of Amir, an Afghan boy, who was forced out of his country due to unrest. The protagonist, Amir, has an affluent life with his father, Baba, and their servants Hassan and Ali. During their early life, Amir and Hassan are inseparable friends and always engage in kite fighting tournaments. It is during this time that Hassan set to run the losing kite after Amir had won the tournament only to be trapped at the end of an alley by three boys, Assef, Kamal and Wali. Assef rapes him with the help of other boys and Amir saw it happen. Despite the fact that Amir saw what happened to Hassan, he did not help him but instead pretended not to have seen anything which causes him a lot of guilt after the two drifted away. Later, Amir would leave the country to Pakistan and then
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