Strengths And Weaknesses In Work

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What is one weakness you have?
One of my weaknesses are Math, and talking around people i don 't know.

What is one thing you do well?
Think of a soft skill (or hard skill) that might apply to this job.
A soft skill that i have is i’m good at being motivated and having lots of leadership.

Why Are You Looking for a Job? - Of course, everyone wants to make money at a job, but the reasons you should share with a potential employer should reflect your interest in the field, or in helping to develop your skill set.
I am looking for a job to help my mom and prepare my social skills, if i want to be a lawyer.

Why Are You Interested in Working for Our Company? - Employers ask this question to gauge your interest in the field, and to see if you have done your research. Make sure you check out the company’s website at the very least, and familiarize yourself with what the company does, what the work and the work culture are like, and what’s important to them.
I am interested in looking working for your company because you socialize with new people everyday and if i want to be a lawyer this is going to prepare me in the future.

How Has School Prepared You For Working at Our Company? - Here is your opportunity to talk about the skills you have gained in your education that will make you an ideal candidate for the position.
School has prepared me to work for your company with lots of motivation. They have helped me with talking to new people. They have had do team work with new

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