Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Business

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Strengths of the business: The use of healthy and organic stock for their products. This is a strength because it encourages the idea of a healthy life style. Customers who strive to live a healthy life will be more willing to purchase these products. By making use of these healthy and organic products, it shows that the business is concerned with the good health of its customers. It also removes any negative feelings customers might have towards the food products of the business. The owner and the staff interact with the customers to find out what said customers want or feel needs to be improved. By doing this, the owner and the staff form personal relationships with their customers, guaranteeing good customer support and loyalty. It is also good because the owner then knows what she needs to do to improve her operations and/or products in order to increase customer satisfaction. Finally, the owner gets an idea of what the business might be doing wrong, where changes to the business operations can be made in order to counteract this. The owner makes use of an employee of the month system. This encourages employees to work harder and more efficient in order for them to receive a reward of some sorts. Because the employees are working harder as well as at a better pace, the products are made faster and more efficiently. This reward system shows the employees that hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed. This also results in an increase in customer satisfaction.
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