Strength And Weakness Of A Coursebook Essay

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After the process of analyzing and evaluating of the cousebook, it is found that this coursebook owns the number of fundamental strengths. First of all, this coursebook supplies students with plentiful speaking opportunities in classroom. In each lesson, the speaking activities are integrated with other aspects of language such as vocabulary, grammar or pronunciation. Hence, students have many opportunities to use the target language to express their ideas, thoughts through pair work and group work. Secondly, the cousebook has a larger number of interesting topics and tasks which helps to increase students’ motivation. The covered topics are very familiar with students’ daily life so that they can easily apply what they learn into real life…show more content…
The first thing is that reading and writing skills should be integrated not only in revision lessons but also in other lessons. For example, in lesson 2 “I’m tall and thin”, after providing students with vocabulary and grammatical structures about asking and describing appearances, students will read a passage about description of a person and then answer questions or do multiple choice exercises. Moreover, it would be better if the last section “speak with confident” accompanied with writing activities. For instance, students are asked to write a short paragraph to describe a person they admire most and then present their writings in front of classroom. The second suggestion is that the coursebook should contain much more multicultural components. For example, in unit 1 “Where are you from”, the coursebook should introduce some rules of behavior in some Western and Asian countries. In unit 7, “The service is great”, the cousebook should mention about the ways of people eat in some countries. In unit 26, “What do you think?”, the coursebook should include people’s beliefs about good luck and bad luck in several cultural

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