Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Jury Essay

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Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Jury
The mock trial conducted in class on the 27th of September was between Pedler vs the crown. In a real trial a jury is meant to entail a large cross section of the community where members of the public are randomly selected on the electoral roll. For this case I participated in the jury it was evident that the there were both strength and weakness to the system. A strength of the jury system that was shown is the attentiveness they showed during the trial despite a few time it was clear most people took there time to analyse and think about the case to make a clear decision. Another strength is in the decision wasn’t determined by one person in the 12 person jury everyone had different opinions and reasons why they believe the accused was innocent or guilty. It shows that if one person made the decision there is no one to challenge your perspective like what was done with the jury.

Several weaknesses that were seen with jury service was when the barrister from either side were talking they were very focused on winning the case not on explaining what was happening. From the start it was hard to gather what evidence ect that both sides were presenting it wasn’t explained well and was difficult to understand. Another weakness that
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With 12 people of different experiences it was extremely hard to get everyone to agree on a verdict due to their opinions. In reality this would be a bit easier as the jurors would take longer to deliver rather than 5 minutes before the end of the lesson. Throughout the trial the defence kept mentioning another case and some luggage I took notes on what they said it but it was very difficult to understand as it was never properly explained. In a real trial as there would be longer to deliver hopefully one person would have the information but this could be aided by having transcripts of the case which is not given in a real

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