Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Work Group

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1. What are your specific strengths, weaknesses and challenges on an

individual level in the context of working as a member of the project



Come up with good ideas while discussing in the speak out during seminars and

knowing each and every one ideas in their point of view. I was very much able to understand

entire concept of the project in the midway and it helped me to give good ideas. I can

understand the entire concept quickly in one word grasping power is little bit high. If I felt

any thing interesting then I will concentrate more on that particular part even it may be project

or any thing.


Hard to mingle with my group members at starting and unable to understand their
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As a leader the captain should be the role model for the entire team on and off the field.

The leader should plan before the execution. Everyone should get leadership qualities from

the schooling itself, schooling involves teaching, training, mentoring, developing. Leader

should have a legal responsibility to provide a healthy and safe environment for employees. A

visionary leader is effective in manifesting his or her vision to achieve the goals in time and to

achieve success.

Discuss the relevance of at least one of the perspectives in relation to your

experiences during the course and in your project work group.

Distributive leadership is very much applicable to my parking meter project. Rather than

giving work or task to the particular person every one shared the given task and every one

taking the equal responsibility to complete the given task. during the seminar sessions each

and every one engaged and solved the problems it comes easy to every one to complete the

given task during the seminar sessions. With the nominal guidance of the teachers we could

achieve the task with satisfactory. The motivation of the leader in our group helped every one

to participate actively from the beginning of the project to end of the project. It took
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