Strengths And Weaknesses Of Apple

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strengths and weaknesses and then an industry point of view by evaluating their threats and opportunities will help to better understand the company as a whole. Strategy for Apple By analyzing the TOWS of Apple, Inc., there are several strategies that top executives of the company should apply to keep its position in the market. These strategies are as follows: The Innovative Success that is Apple, Inc. 19 • Maintain loyal customers by focusing on customer service and improving the customer experience. Apple, Inc. can do this by investing in training its employees, building a better system for its users, and also promoting more efficient policies for its customers. • Maintain a high quality of product. This is one of the main reasons why customers…show more content…
Intuition, in the form of Steve Jobs personal judgment of what products would succeed rather than rely on analytical market research methods, is one example of where narrow definitions of Six Sigma can fall down: 99% of the time analytical methods are useful to find counter-intuitive solutions the ordinary executive cannot fathom, but there is always that 1%, the Steve Jobs, that defines that rule and that LSS or anything like it not very relevant. The problem, of course, is that many senior executives fancy themselves as belonging to that 1% genius category when clearly they do not, but part of the failing of many Six Sigma deployments is its inability to understand or act upon the possibility that the 1% exists and arises in subtle and unpredictable ways. Why IPhone Is A Great Marketer? (1) Hire customer-obsessed, empathetic employees. (2) Iterative customer involvement. (3) Don’t try to be all things to all…show more content…
Apple’s balance sheet is very liquid as many of its assets can be readily converted to cash; Apple’s cash and cash equivalent increased by $110 billion (Apple, Inc., 2012). Apple holds over 60% of its assets in cash and market securities (Apple, Inc, 2012). To a technology company like Apple, liquidity is important because Apple is able to react quickly to opportunities and market changes. Apple declared to pay their dividends$2.65/share or $ 2.5billion/ quarter; they last offered a dividend in 1995 (Yoffie, 2012). Apple will also repurchase $10 billion of its shares over three years (Yoffie, 2012). Stock repurchases will help Apple inflate their earnings per share because it will reduce the number of shares that are outstanding (Yoffie, 2012). Apple is one of the most profitable companies in the world as it has a strong financial position and is managed effectively and efficiently (refer exhibit 14) (Yoffie, 2012).The company’s balance sheet can also be found at the end of this
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