Strengths And Weaknesses Of Argument

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Reflective Assignment

The purpose of this reflective essay is to demonstrate an understanding of the differences between argument and assertion. The essay demonstrates the ability to be able to comment on the strengths of argument. Similarly, the essay demonstrates a recognition of strengths and weaknesses of my own ability and how recognising strengths and weaknesses allows an individual to develop their lifelong learning ability. The importance of developing lifelong learning is discussed in this assignment. The final purpose of the essay is to demonstrate an understanding of reflection and how reflective practice can support an individual’s own personal and professional learning development.

Nicol (2016) stated that “reflection is a method of using experiential knowledge to enable professional and personal development while reinforcing continuous learning”. Reflection can allow an individual to understand a topic so that they can improve how they perform in their job leading to an improved health care experience. Tsingas-Lucas, Bosnic, Schneider and Smith (2016) highlighted the importance of reflective practise. The authors stated that it is important for medical professionals. Consequently, being able to reflect on work will allow an individual medical profession to successfully apply theoretical knowledge into a practise.

There are numerous reflective models available for healthcare professionals to support the development of their lifelong learning. Two

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