Strengths And Weaknesses Of Communication Skills

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A few weeks before, I have been given a task from my lecturer. It is about what is our aim that I want to achieve in this semester. Besides, this aim also must be use in our future. So after find my weaknesses, I think I have to improve my communication skills. I am having a problem to communicate in English in front of people. I choose this skill because I want to know what was my problem to communicate with other people and how I am going to overcome it. It is difficult for me to communicate in front of the people because of my confident level is low. So, I have do a lot of research about the skills depends on my weaknesses. According to the book of Business Communication that written by Meenakshi Raman and Prakash Singh, they said that communication is like exchange the information that we have through common system of symbols. It happen when two or more people having a conversation by face to face to convey information. There are a few types of common forms in communication skills such as speaking, writing, gesturing and broad-casting (Meenakshi Raman and Prakash Singh, 2012). The most important thing we have to know is communication including the understanding of the meaning. To be successful in communication, the meaning must be imparted and understood. Then, we must keep in our mind which is a good communication often mistakenly defined by the communicator as agreement with messages but not clearly understanding the messages. If someone not agree with us, many of us
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