Strengths And Weaknesses Of Coss Company

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The first analysis which was made for the project is SWOT analysis (Figure 1). It gave us the opportunity to find out which strengths and weaknesses Coss Company has and which opportunities and threats it can face. Moreover, the SWOT helps to find the right way in planning our steps and future strategy. We found out that they have a lot of advantages which not all the companies could have. For example, the Coss Company is small so it can easily make good relationship with its customers. They also work on delivering the products swiftly and efficiently to the customers, which makes the company more reliable.
However, Coss Company has the same number of weaknesses which are also important to know. The online sales and marketing of the Coss are weak and also they have limited funds for advertisement and promotion. These weaknesses make Coss Company less competitive with the bigger companies such as L’Oréal or Wella.
The second analysis is TOWS (Figure 2) which is about combining the opportunities and threats with weaknesses and strengths.
After the TOWS analysis was done we have found that Coss have a lot of things he can do with his strategic position and future changes.
First of all, if the combine Coss strengths and opportunities we are able to see that Coss can develop good relationship with hairdressers’ salons and distributors in Scandinavian countries. As they will work for Scandinavian countries they would also be able to figure out efficient
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