Strengths And Weaknesses Of Disneyland

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There are only 6 Disneyland around the World; they are all having different types of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. But they will have some same and it will also affect us when building the next Disneyland in Melbourne. A recognised brand such as Disney increases the trust of consumers, and said the company 's advanced and successful marketing (disneymonashcollege, 2013). So, for the overall Disney in the different country, it can get those strengths to develop into the next Disneyland in Melbourne. For example, it can refer to Honk Kong Disney Theme Park. Melbourne Disneyland can provide customers with high quality products, services and security, the safety of entertainment facilities (disneymonashcollege, 2013). For example, Melbourne Disneyland sale the products inside of the Disney Shop can be made in Australian. It cans representative the consumer is buying in Australian and they have come to the Australian Disneyland. Also, Melbourne Disneyland can add some area for helping their parents to take care their baby, such as nurse, hot water to warm bottles, or even selling diapers. For the weaknesses, to attract more new people to come to the Melbourne Disneyland, it has a very diverse portfolio of products with several different theme parks and hotels, that makes centralized management and monitoring is very difficult (mbaskool, 2008). And the incidents and accidents are the main reasons will affect the public feeling for the Disneyland.
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