Strengths And Weaknesses Of Entp Personality

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After taking the personality test, I ended up with the ENTP personality which stands for, (Wikipedia) "extroversion, intuition, thinking and perception." A list of some of our strengths is that we are always constantly absorbing more knowledge, are original, creative energetic and the most important, love debating. On the other hand, we have a hard time focusing since we are always thinking and can be easily distracted. We like to debate so bad sometimes that we may come across as very stubborn to the point were other people don 't want to talk to us anymore. As a kid, I 've always been the debater in my family. I would always read the news and compare and contrast different types of people such as world leaders, athletes, celebrities but also argue about important matters like global warming, animal endangerment etc and what I personally think the solutions would be. I always was and will be a curious individual who carefully observes everything around and judge. Sometimes though I want to be always right and don 't listen to what people say about something I debate and people think I 'm a intolerant person which is actually one of the weaknesses mentioned in (16 Personalities) of the ENTP personality. The opposite of ENTP according to personality cafe is ISFP. ISFP, also referred to the "adventurer", stands for (Wikipedia) "Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Perception." To start off this comparison, the I and the E is the first key difference. While I am extroverted and
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