Strengths And Weaknesses Of Fascism

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Fascism is a kind of government system which is approximately opposite of democracy. Although this system had some disagreements with socialism and communism, but still they had some views in common. The word Fascist is taken from fascio, an Italian word which mean a tied bundle of sticks, fascio is used in a sense to describe unity of a small political group which they bound tightly together with a strong comradeship (Michael Mann, 2004, 93). Mussolini was the key player in establishing fascism as a political ideology and his goal was to create a nationalist, authoritarian state in order to obtain autocratic authority. Once the National Fascist party took over other parties, Mussolini got the position of prime minister in 1922(Gordan Martel, 1999, 58). He changed a series of constitution law of the country in order to keep himself in power by eliminating Parliamentary election. He passed the law in very smart way that no one could remove him from power but decree of the king was an exception. All over fascist government time in power, they applied new economic and social policies which were different from each other, some of their policies were successful and some of them were partially successful. Economically, at the time economy of the Italy was weak compare to most of other European states, so Mussolini fascist government focused deeply to improve it via government programs. Socially, fascist polices were successful in the short run for having control over the workers.
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