Strengths And Weaknesses Of Gm

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I. Introduction
General Motors (GM) is a company with a culture problem. However, they are described as an organization with major dysfunction but somehow still manage to produce “amazing work on a global scale” (Kuppler, 2014). Some of the culture issues range from reluctance to raise issues, no sense of urgency, conflicting messages from top management, and avoiding responsibilities (Kuppler, 2014). Key attributes of GM didn’t come until Mary Barra initiated changes after the ignition switch recall crisis. She acknowledged the unfavorable characteristics of the GM culture and vowed for a resolution and began to take action. GM has many strengths and weakness. One of their strengths are they are a multinational automotive company with a strong brand portfolio and rare product recalls. Because of their high credibility, the ignition switch recall crisis wasn’t as detrimental as it would have been to a company with little credibility. The biggest weakness is the company’s lack of acknowledging that culture and leadership were the foundation of the company’s problems.
II. Organizational Modeling
A. Current Organizational Model
The current behavioral organizational model used in the case study is custodial. This model depends primarily on economic resources with the main benefit bringing security and satisfaction to employees (Kashyap, 2018). This model makes sense regarding GM because management focuses on their income and employees focus on their security. Neither of them is
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