Strengths And Weaknesses Of Government In The Philippines

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INTRODUCTION We belong in a time where the world goes through constant changes. Life today is so fast-paced and dynamic that we sometimes knowingly ignore what 's happening around us since it may instantly change anyway. The Philippines specifically, have gone through great changes in the past several years. These changes have rooted from problems that made it impossible for us to develop and progress as a country. It is perhaps opportunely that our government is able to push through boundaries and traditions to come up with resolutions and better policies/laws. All this time, the Philippine Economy has been deemed to have strong growth hindered by political uncertainties. This is so true. We have a potential to be great and yet we still move slow towards our development and sustainability. Our country has its own strengths and weaknesses that affect positively and/or negatively our over-all status. The Philippines ' National Economic and Development Authority is an agency that has a main purpose of socio-economic planning and development. The agency functions as a policy coordinating body as well. NEDA has a board where the power of the agency lies. According to, the Board is composed of the President as chairman, the Secretary of Socio-Economic Planning and NEDA Director-General as vice-chairman, and the following as members: the Executive Secretary and the Secretaries of Finance, Trade and Industry, Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources, Public

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