Strengths And Weaknesses Of Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA)

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Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is the winner of the 2017 Award for “World’s Best Airport Dining Experience” and 3rd place in “World’s Best Airport Shopping”, in the following I will discuss on the strength(s) and weakness(es) of HKIA in the area of dining and shopping when compared to the other airport listed in the question.
Concerning dining, the strength of HKIA is their restaurants provide the food with comparatively low price. Some of the passengers may have an impression that it is expensive to eat inside the airport, but there are some restaurants in HKIA provide the food with the price lower HKD$50. With this price, passengers can choice either fast food or Chinese restaurants in which the size of food could let them feel full. Moreover, passengers can try for local food. There are at least 10 restaurants providing Hong Kong style food, like cha chaan teng, for the passengers who come to Hong Kong at the first time or transit in HKIA, these restaurants would be good start for them to understand Hong Kong culture. However, there are weaknesses in HKIA. First, there are only few 24 hours operating restaurants. Passengers come to Hong Kong at anytime and they may seek for food and beverage, therefore, HKIA cannot neglect the needs of those passengers, especially who come to Hong Kong between 0000-0600, since that period is not the peak hours and most of the restaurants are closed. In Changi airport, there are more than 40 restaurants that operating for whole

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