Strengths And Weaknesses Of Hotel

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Weaknesses The weakness for IOI hospitality business are the product and service that provided are limited and did not meet the expectation of the guests. This is because the overall room’s facilities that provided seems less likely to be satisfied. As some of the guests room are quite outdated, unmaintained and old. It is important for every IOI hotel or resort business should maintain the overall periodically in order to ensure it well function and nice to look. Besides that, the basic necessities that provided in guest room are limited. Certain IOI hospitality business only provide shampoo, body soap and body lotion. They should place more amenities such as toothbrush, cotton bud and others. Moreover, Malaysia government have implement 6% of Good Service Tax (GST) on 1st April 2015. It has slightly affect the economic condition to the hospitality field. This is where the tourist began to reduce their frequent of travelling in order to minimize their expenses. Therefore, it have affect the whole IOI hospitality business growth and revenue. Although some of the IOI hospitality business are located at strategy area which can be easily accessibility by the particular guest to visit there. However, it caused inconvenience for those guest who don’t drive. It is hardly to catch any public transport access from the hotel or resort (Anon., 2015). Guests that would like to visit others attraction places will require to get a transportation service or get assistance from hotel or

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