Strengths And Weaknesses Of India

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Making strategic plans & decisions without considering our rival’s strengths & weaknesses would be an impractical thought. We have to acknowledge the strengths of our competitors & must take advantage of their weaknesses to successfully pursue our strategies. We are considering three competitors at this time which include India, USA and Russia. We will consider each competitor’s strengths & weaknesses one by one. (a) India: India has always been our traditional rival/enemy. We have to appreciate the reality that India has also developed a fighter jet (HAL Tejas) with almost the same capabilities as our JF-17 thunder is equipped with. Strengths: As far as the strengths of India are concerned, India has strong diplomatic relations with its neighboring countries such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & others which may also be the interested parties in acquiring the multirole combat aircrafts. Another factor to consider is the trade relations which India enjoys with its neighboring countries mentioned above. These neighboring countries, to some extent, are under-developed countries & they have to rely on trade with India to fulfill their aggregate demand. Moreover, India’s influential presence at international forums also poses serious threats to the geopolitical dynamics in the region. India has already become a member of MTCR (Missile Technology Control Regime) & it may restrict Pakistan’s entry due to its veto power. India is also making serious efforts to become a permanent member
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