Strengths And Weaknesses Of Mediation

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The purpose of this essay is to investigate and analyse the mediation process in some conflict. Find the weaknesses and strengths of the mediator as well as provide the solution and explain particular ways how the conflict can be solved properly. Thus, the situation which we will analyse in this essay is conflict between colleagues in the office. In addition, I would like to explain what is mediation and what is the role of mediator. Mediation is a method which people use in order to resolve the conflict between two or more parties. So, mediator is a person who is trying to negotiate solution between parties and, he or she can be called either negotiator or peacemaker too.
As I am the mediator, now I will describe myself and point out my weaknesses and strengths which will be later applied on made-up conflict. So, from my strengths I would mention that I am objective, easy going, calm, humble, independent, discreet, direct, rational, and fair. On the other hand, my weaknesses are that I am sarcastic, vulgar, direct, and very rational. Yes, you read correctly, rationality and directness are both, my weakness and strength. The reason is simple, I am that kind of person who keeps the emotional distance from the other people and in some cases, it is advantage but in others it causes the problems. Now, let’s assume that the conflict is between two colleagues in the office and it reaches a critical condition. They cannot stand each other because of several disagreements such as
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