Strengths And Weaknesses Of My Personality

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I have found that my personality is comprised of a melancholy and phlegmatic temperament. Learning this was not a big surprise since I already knew that I had of the strengths and weaknesses the descriptions stated. Also, examining my temperaments had helped me to see some of the skills I can sharpen and use to serve to my Church and family. For instance, I can be practical care taker who looks after the members in need and give them the understanding and listening ear they need. Having a Phlegmatic temperament, I have the strength of being practical and dependable. I like to be realistic about things and make the most sensible decision or move. For instance, I do not like buying things if they do not have any practical use to me or are something I can use comfortably in the future. Having a melancholy temperament, I have the strength of loyalty. I am a very loyal person who enjoys building long lasting relationships that can grow and last well into the future. I do not like to leave things on temporary surface level. Also, having a melancholy temperament I have the strength of being empathic and sensitive. I do…show more content…
I am often the person that takes cares of my family when there is there is an outbreak of sickness. Also, I’m usually the pusher and encourager who inspires people to achieve their goals. I really enjoy this and have found them to be really rewarding. I like to see to the smile on a person’s face when they feel loved and well kept. Also, because I have the strength of being practical I work as the voice of reason that keeps my family and friends grounded. I usually step in and tell someone when they might need to rethink something and guide them towards seeing the situation realistically. Being practical means, I also work as a provider who see the needs of the family and then works to fulfill the

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