Organisational Skills In Project Management

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a. An IT manager must be extremely organised and be able to multi task. A good project manager knows how to "be able to manage numerous projects or tasks and track matters on a daily basis," says Hilary Atkinson, director of the Project Management Office at Force 3, a business solutions provider. The success or failure of a project is dependent on the organisational skills of the IT project manager.
b. Effective IT managers take control and have strong leadership skills. Project management involves leading shareholders and vendors to a successful outcome.
Leading projects is about creating a win-win outcome for everyone involved while being aware of all the risks and obstacles. A good IT project manager inspires their teams with confidence;
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At this stage it is advisable to review best practises done in the past in a similar situation. I need to make sure all the project runs smoothly and productively by documenting and following processes. Strong decision making is critical as I need to get the right people who are right for this project. The project management triangle is used to monitor project success and the project team's ability to manage the project or part of the project so that the desired results are achieved while managing time and cost. The triple constraint is shown as a triangle with cost, scope, and schedule as the sides of the triangle. Customer satisfaction could be viewed as the interior of the triangle as the customer is always concerned about scope, time, and cost. So, in order to create customer satisfaction, we must perform all of the scope that was promised for the budget that we guaranteed and deliver it when it was…show more content…
It then becomes the responsibility of the project manager and the project team to balance all tasks.

We may not even be aware of it but, we all use project management in our lives on a daily basis. All of us plan and organise our tasks, career, and work responsibilities. In the corporate world, project management is a demanding career choice. Project managers are crucial employees in every industry and all types of companies, globally. Project Management itself is quickly becoming one of the most important components within a company. The number of Project Managers has risen as companies have realised the important benefits they bring to the business.

As a project manager you plan and organise decisions throughout the project. Project management is valuable to companies, statistics show without a project management, the chances of failure is higher and sometimes the more money is spent on re-doing the project.

Project managers are important when time and resources are limited because they provide good planning and communication right from the
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