I Like It All Analysis

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Reader ____________________________________________________________________________ From biographies to fiction, I like it all. (Well, maybe except Gothic Fiction and some Horror books. Those aren't very pleasant.) I read to learn, experience something, or just for entertainment. The first chapter book I ever read was Child Of The Mountain by Marilyn Sue Shank. I grabbed it off a shelf in the public library, checked it out, and read. I finished it quickly and that made me start reading pretty much any children's chapter book I could get my hands on. All through elementary school, teachers started assigning books. I actually read all of them. I didn't particularly enjoy stopping every page to write down a sign post or figurative language though. My favorite part was writing book reports. At the end of third grade, my teacher (Ms.…show more content…
When I write, I either get stuck or write paragraphs. I like to write about everything that I ponder about, have ideas for, or read. I like to write mostly realistic fiction or nonfiction. I like to write facts or things that might actually happen. I don’t like writing untrue or fiction information(Except if it has something to do with either utopian and dystopian fiction) . I wouldn't be the best candidate if you were trying to persuade someone. In class, I love doing speed writes. It lets me focus on putting my ideas on paper instead of trying my best to make a sentence perfect. I write quicker one prompts that are more specific. When we wrote our poems, were required to include figurative language. In my opinion, figurative language is an excellent addition to a poem or personal narrative. It lets the writer express themselves more clearly and gives the reader a glimpse of the moment or feeling that is being presented. We also do journal entries like summaries and reflections. I would not say that is an area I am overly confident
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