Strengths And Weaknesses Of Social Media

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1.0 What is social media? Social media is a means of interacting with other people online to engage in the exchange of information, photos and videos (Curtis, 2013). The social media generation began with the launch of LinkedIn in 2003; Facebook in 2004; followed by Twitter, YouTube and MySpace (Curtis, 2011). The most popular social media platform is Facebook with 1,310,000,000 monthly users spending 640,000,000 minutes online every month (Stat Brain, 2014). 1.1 Importance of social media for marketing Social media satisfies the human need to communicate and allows people to talk to one another whenever and wherever they like. It also means that organisations can communicate with their customers (PR Smith and Ze Zook, 2011). Social media…show more content…
Brand image is how consumers see the brand based on identity, discussions and experiences (PR Smith and Ze Zook, 2011). 2.0 Strengths of social media 2.1 Broad Reach Social media has a global presence and is a key part of people’s daily lives. Gay et al (2007) explains that geographical barriers do not exist online, which means even small companies online can share a part in the international market. Up to 30% of website traffic is contributed from international visitors and they account for 10% of total sales. 2.2 Targeting Social media platforms (e.g. Facebook) allow businesses to target their advertisements at specific people, which means that their message has the potential to be more successful. 2.3 Low…show more content…
Companies will generally not have to train staff on how to use it. 2.7 Contests Competitions can get consumers involved with the brand, and they are then likely to share the competition amongst their friends. Facebook and twitter are often used to announce competitions, which then leads the consumer directly to the brand website. Hardman and Heyman (2009) highlight the importance of creating a social media buzz in order to be successful online. They demonstrate that softer promotion tactics like contests are particularly effective in getting people involved and discussing the brand. 3.0 Weaknesses of social media 3.1 Time consuming The maintenance of social media, as well as the individual responses to comments or tweets, takes time. In cases of a global brand, round the clock maintenance may be needed. 3.2 Interest Posts and media need to appeal to an audience saturated in marketing, which can be challenging for marketers to come up with. 3.3 Annoying advertisements Most people use social media as a tool to keep in touch with friends or kill time. Many consumers therefore get irritated by pop-up messages/videos that open uninvited. This may deter potential customers and cause them to have negative connotations with the

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