Essay On How To Solve Team Conflict

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First of all is to be aware before, when and what conflict that occurs. In a team conflict do occurs from time to time. It is important for the team leader to be aware of what conflict may occurs and solve it before it happens. For example, when one of the team member open up an idea or solution, sure to know that there will be a disagreement about the idea, so before argue the disadvantage, plot the advantage of the idea then only start up with the disadvantage. Other than that, is to listen to each and everyone’s opinion and conclude it with everyone’s agreement. This is to make them know that every member in the team’s opinion is equally important and this will help to cut down the conflict or argument occur. While to stop conflict when…show more content…
It is because it is very important for a team leader to know everyone in the team. A team leader should know their team members well to guide them more easily or to arrange their task based on their expertise. As conflict occurs, as a team members also should get the whole story first in regards to the conflict. This could help to solve the conflict efficiently and effectively. In order to solve conflicts that occur between the team members, discussion of both sides of a perspective is a must. Although everyone in a team have different kind of opinion, but we also cannot refuse to listen to their opinion. We should give them a chance to say out their opinion and then point out the problem of the idea and the way to fix it. Therefore, don’t ever make your own decision before listen to other members’ opinion. On the other hand, make compromise a goal between team members is a must. As they have the same goal to achieve, then the conflict between them will become lesser. By using this way, they could combine their ideas together to figure out a better solution for their tasks. Thus, this could help to solve the conflict occur and also help to increase bond between the members. (CHOY CHING YIAN
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