Strengths And Weaknesses Of Team Conflict

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First of all is to be aware before, when and what conflict that occurs. In a team conflict do occurs from time to time. It is important for the team leader to be aware of what conflict may occurs and solve it before it happens. For example, when one of the team member open up an idea or solution, sure to know that there will be a disagreement about the idea, so before argue the disadvantage, plot the advantage of the idea then only start up with the disadvantage. Other than that, is to listen to each and everyone’s opinion and conclude it with everyone’s agreement. This is to make them know that every member in the team’s opinion is equally important and this will help to cut down the conflict or argument occur. While to stop conflict when it occurs, the problem must be solve on the spot before it getting serious. Avoid solving it on the next meeting, because it will add more conflict to the next discussion. To do so, team leader need to set a small meeting with the members with the problem to convince them about the decision made, make them understand about the decision. In the team, setting the ground rules and norms is usable for them to know the “dos and don’ts” and also help to calm team members down because the know limits that only accepted in the team. For example “dos” in the team will be listen to every opinion, while for the don’ts is do not reject the opinion. So, they will not easily to dismiss the meeting and does not listen to others opinion. (WAI XIN YAN
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