Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Filipino People

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Building the Filipino people involves everyone. Our leaders cannot do it for us. We must look at ourselves, both objectively and understandingly, as we try to remove our weaknesses and develop our strengths. To be better, understanding ourselves is the first step. Once we have learned to appreciate and value our being Filipinos, building our nation, achieving goals of peace and social justice will come next.

Filipinos have a very strong and resilient character. This was developed by the hardships and challenges we have faced throughout our history. Foreign powers have conquered our lands, but never defeated our spirit. Among our positive traits are: Pakikipagkapwa-Tao (regard for others). It results in camaraderie and a feeling of
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Many of the strong pointers are also the sources of weakness .Also It is said that too much of anything is bad for us. We have to learn to balance our positive traits because too much of them also cause negativity.

The positives and weaknesses of the Filipino have their own causes in many types such as: the home environment, the social environment, culture and their language, their history, educational system, their religion, economic environment, the political environment, mass media, and leadership and role models. Goals. The Filipino should develop:sense of patriotism and national pride--a genuine sensitiveness, love, their appreciation, and concern to the Philippines and the things Filipino; a sense of the common good--the ability to seek beyond selfish in terms of interests, in the sense of justice and a sense of outrage at its violation; a sense of integrity . an aversion toward corruption in the society and an avoidance of the practice in one 's daily living; the importance and habits of patience and hard working; and the value and habits of self-reflection and analysis, the making of spiritual values as the centre of humanity and an emphasis upon essence rather than on
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Ideology. We need a ideology that can show all our sources for the assigned task of lifting national morale, pride and productivity. History. We have to write and teach the true history; the history books must be rewritten from our perspective. Languages. We ought to use Filipino in our cultural and intellectual life. Education. We must push for the Filipinization of the entire educational system. We must have value formation in the school curriculum and teach pride in being a Filipino. Trade and Industry. We should support the Filipino products and services by, for example, promoting a "Sariling Atin" day when everybody would wear and use Filipino clothes and products only. Social Media/Advertising. We can give awards or other incentives to programs and advertisements that promote national pride and patriotism. Conversely, giving "kalabasa" awards or incepting incentives to advertisers that promotes the colonial mentality. Government. The leadership in the executive, legislative of the government should be models of positive Filipino

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