Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Golden Arch Hotel

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Strengths Weaknesses
Advanced Technology Room Facilities
Brand Positioning
Opportunities Threats
Swiss Air
Zurich Airport Many competitors
Swiss human resource market dried out

A SWOT Analysis is a strategy planning method used to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of an organization. In addition it determines the key to accomplishing a firm’s objectives and to overcome or minimized obstacles to achieve desired results.

The first strength of the Golden Arch hotel was the location. It was very close from the airport to attract customers from airport area, and it was also close to the exhibition area of Zurich Messe to gather additional bookings.
Another significant strength of the Golden Arch Hotel was no doubt its modern technology, regarding the time frame that this hotel was opened at 2001, the applied technologies; such as wireless keyboard and computer connecting TV monitor was a certain advantage.

First, the futuristic shower. although the shower was made to make the rooms look bigger, they received many guest complaints about the lack of privacy due to its transparency. Later on the glass was frosted and after frosting the glass it caused claustrophobic appearance from the inside. The bed was also designed to give extra comfort to the guests, but through the guest review, it was able to know that they felt like they were in hospital.
Second, The Golden Arch Hotel did not match the McDonald’s brand
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