Strengths And Weaknesses Of Wendy's

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Question 1)

Positive Negative
1) Wendy’s was the third largest fast-food chain burger restaurant in the world.
2) 9,000 restaurants in 33 countries worldwide.
3) Wendy’s offered unique products such as baked potatoes, spicy chickens sandwiches, frostys and healthy salads.
4) Wendy’s value menu was 10 items that could be bought for 99 cents each.
5) Wendy’s was established in 1969 by David Thomas in Ohio, In 1976 had 1 million share at 28 dollar per share, In 1981 the company had built it 2,000 restaurant.
6) Baja Fresh Mexican Grill & Tim Horton’s are smaller companys from Wendy’s corporation. Weaknesses
1) The menu of Wendy’s were similar to Burger King’s and McDonald’s
2) A weak point in Wendy’s that there was not an easily recognizable product like Burger King’s Whopper or McDonald’s Big Mac.
3) Wendy’s failed to notice what the consumer want from indoor dining to drive through windows and this led to that Burger King in 1975 installed drive through windows, now customers who are busy with family and jobs are going to Burger King instead of Wendy.
1) In 2002, fast-food chains were competing by following the concept of lowering the prices, while Wendy’s chose to focus on product expansion and product quality a new selection of fresh healthy salads called Garden Sensations.
2) As Wendy’s founder David Thomas dies in 2002, Wendy’s planned to add from 2,000 to 4,000 location in a decade and focus

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