Strengths And Weaknesses Of Writing

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Writing is a vital part of life. Before the creation of written language human communication was limited to verbal, in-person conversations. Everything changed when writing allowed thoughts and ideas to travel farther and more efficient than ever before. Writing is a talent that we learn at an early age and only hone as we proceed through our academic careers. This being said, as with any talent every writer has strengths and weaknesses. My personal writing strengths include an adept use of vocabulary and apt understanding of grammatical techniques. In contrast, my weaknesses consist of flaws in organization and staying focused on one thesis throughout a piece. Although numbers are the main focus as a business major, without the ability to communicate those numbers and their context they quickly become meaningless. As previously stated, my writing strengths are plentiful. A strong vocabulary, for instance, can make or break a piece of writing. The vocabulary used will not only convey the tone of the …show more content…

Sorting out what helps prove my purpose and what does not is a feat that I am still learning to tame. I have a tendency to ramble and find myself accidentally spewing out incredibly confusing run-on sentences. This is where developing my grammar skills has helped me slowly get better at organizing my writing and staying on topic.
All things considered, I am proud of how far I have come as a writer but I acknowledge the fact that I still can take numerous steps to further improve. While vocabulary and grammar are my strong suits, I know I can continue to acquire new skills to build on the knowledge I already have. With more practice, I can surely sharpen my writing faults until they become strengths. Overall, my writing goals are to gather the skills needed to write with a strong enough conviction to help me in not only my business career but in my everyday life as

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