Strengths-Based Approach In Social Work

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The theoretical knowledge that has been utilised at both my placements and is a core component for social work practice is a strengths-based approach. A strengths-based approach encourages the social worker and the clients/families to identify strengths in all areas of the clients’ lives using an ecological framework and to use those strengths to form the basis of the assistance given to the clients/families. By assisting clients to generate their own outcomes through the use of a holistic model of practice that sees the potential of all clients. This has been crucial at my current placement working at the Asylum Seekers Centre, as well as in my previous child protection placement. It allows the social workers to acknowledge their clients’…show more content…
The Asylum Seekers Centre’s assessment model allows social workers and families to work together to form relationships based on mutual understanding. It ensures all decisions are transparent and collaborative, this relationship allows for the empowerment of clients. Empowerment is also done through fostering clients’ independence and self-determination through being supported in the Asylum Seekers Centre’s Employment and English program. Similarly, at my previous placement using the Support Children and Responding to Families (SCARF) model, which is a guided practice assessment and planning tool that analyses the family’s and children’s strengths, also where hardship is being experienced through an ecological lens by taking into account issues surrounding child development, parenting capacity as well family and community. Being a part of the training that Barnardos runs called the Circle of Security, which is for careers and families to help increase their understanding of their children’s needs and whether their own responses meet those needs. The aim of the training is with an enhanced understanding parents can develop their parenting choices where needed. Through this, I was able to obtain a better understanding of attachment theory and the important part that interpersonal skills play when it comes to children forming an attachment with a
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