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Upon completion of the Strengths Finder survey, I learned I have five areas of strength (Clifton & Anderson & Schreiner, 2006). These strengths are; achiever, communication, arranger, positivity, and ideation. I must admit, before taking this survey there were doubts surrounding its accuracy. By nature, I am a sceptic of this type of personal inflection conducted by an outsourced company. Prior to taking it, I kept telling myself, there is no possible way that a simple survey can give me insight on my inner workings. I could not have been more wrong. While reading the description of each strength with pure scepticism, I found myself nodding along with every exclamation. With each different description, I found myself visualizing situations…show more content…
(2006). StrengthsQuest: Discover and Develop Your Strengths in Academics, Career, and Beyond. In the workplace, there is a fine line between having happy employees, and people who show up everyday. Sadly, most employers find themselves operating under the pretense that everyone on the pay-roll is content in the way things are currently operating. When in reality, there are changes that are being sought by some, if not all, people employed. In my past work experiences, there have been ways in which a supervisor could get everyone on the same page, and fighting towards the same goal. I feel that with any job, there should ultimately be an aspect of fun that can be attained in any work environment. This can be achieved by scheduling days for company outings, which gets everyone in a more friendly environment where they can relax and be themselves. By doing this, you can interact with people on a more personal level, and get to know them better. As everyone knows, you are typically a different person outside of work compared to your demeanor while on the clock. This act of getting your employees in a less stressful environment, gives them the opportunity to open up to one another and learn about each other. When you know someone on a personal level, you can better understand what makes them tick, as well as what rattles their cage. This will develop a level of cohesiveness all other companies will…show more content…
Putting people in the situation to truly learn more about their fellow man, gives them the opportunity to communicate on a level that was previously inconceivable. If this level is achieved, the morale of the company has no choice but to be heightened. As we all know, when morale is high, so is production. There are many benefits to having a strength-based organization. When a company can accurately gauge and establish a system of operation based on strengths and weaknesses, the sky truly is the limit. All too often, owners of companies strictly hire people that are qualified on paper, without taking into consideration they may decrease production if there is a lack of unity in the group. Many companies I have worked for, have a history of hiring a person based on their accolades and level of schooling. This is beneficial in some instances, like a hospital, where the employee hired must have a certain level of qualifications. In most cases, if the people in charge took the initiative to arrange working groups based on the employee’s strengths and weaknesses, they may find a change in morale, as people tend to feed of each other. When you have a group of all Type-A personalities, you create a situation where each one feels their opinion and idea is the one that should be acted upon. Whereas, having a mixture of personalities

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