Strengths In Physical Delivery

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1. What do you think are your greatest strengths in terms of physical delivery? What did you do best? Why?
The strengths that I exhibited t throughout the presentation was that my posture was correct with my shoulder back and my chin was up. I had the appropriate stance with one leg forward and one leg back so I was balanced and I wasn’t falling over or tripping over my own feet. I also thought my hand gestures were purposeful and it helped demonstrate that I knew the topic well.

2. What areas of physical delivery can you improve upon the most? Describe those areas and what you can do for future presentations. Be specific.
There are certain areas I could improve on the most which are changing my pitch, moving more purposefully, making eye contact with the audience. The first thing I can improve on is using vocal variations in my pitch to get the audience’s attention. During the presentation I did not go from soft to loud, I kind of just stayed the same which I thought made the audience lose interest in my topic. The next thing I can improve on is that I did not move with a purpose I just walked back and forth in the classroom to help calm myself down and help get the nervous energy out. I also noticed that I used random vocal breakers such as um when there was no reason to. Because I wanted to fill in the gap where I was thinking. Throughout the presentation I caught myself staring at some of
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What were your greatest strengths in terms of the content of the presentation? What parts of the speech were the best? Why?
The greatest strengths in terms of the content in my presentation was on the museums in Hannibal, Missouri because I found a lot of useful information about the unique artifacts of Mark Twain’s life that are only in the town of Hannibal. There were also other museums that that showcased the remarkable history of Hannibal and there was even the first statue created of fictional characters in the United States that was located y these
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