Personal Strengths And Weaknesses

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My strengths include dealing with conflicts in a group, identifying my self-development and also what I need to improve on, supporting others is also another strength of mine due to the kind of work that I am doing, I work in a Mental Health care home supporting of others. My other strengths are working as a team which you have to do working with others, because team work is an essential part of a good working environment, team work works better with good communication skills. Also you work a lot in groups at university so working as a team is important. Lastly working with services users in the correct manner will help them to trust and respect you if given back, you have a duty of care towards your services users. . Parker, J Bradley, G (2003) Social Work Practice, Assessment, Planning, Intervention and Review,Exeter: Learning Matters. Weaknesses My biggest weaknesses are my presentation skills. To overcome these barriers that I put up when doing presentations, I will need to be more confident and also practice more. According to Buchanan &Huczynski (2004) they state that presentation skills are a must in everyday life. They also state that Presentation skill is the part of communication; better presentation and public speaking are essential part for work and social life. Effective presentation skills are important in every…show more content…
Also be able to relate myself to Buchanan & Huczynski (2004) and say yes I am following their theory to presentations and I have achieved what I have set out to do. With doing this I am gaining more confidence to do better presentations, even though it is still a nervous process that you have to go through I am sure that it gets easier the more that you have to
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