Strengths Of Kant's Deontology

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What are the strengths, and what are the weaknesses, of Kant’s deontology?

This essay will first look into the definition of deontology and compare it to consequentialism, the common theory is it compared to, to have a better understanding of the contrast between the two theories. Once the base of deontology is defined the essay will start looking into Kant’s theory of deontology and furthermore analyze the strengths and weakness of his theory in comparison to other philosophers. Finally a summary will be held in the conclusion and a personal opinion will be integrated. Firstly what is the definition of deontology. Deontology originates from the Greek words of “deon” which means duty, which the study is based around. In simple words
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Firstly it does not matter if the act was right or wrong, the main focus is if the outcome of the act was good. Secondly the more good consequences that result out of an act, the more right that act is (Walter, 2015). The strengths of consequentialism is that it is flexible and can be taken into account in any circumstances, however the weaknesses that come with this theory is that even though it sounds very attractive it is quite a difficult system to apply in real life situations (Walter,…show more content…
Kant always emphasized that everyone should be treated freely and equally. He emphasizes that everyone should be treated valuable and not be used to benefit others. He sets a fine line though saying he does not want people not be used at all, but if they are in the situation where they are that they should be treated just like you would want to be treated. What he tried to emphasis on the duty theory is that it is not only about doing the right thing. Immanuel Kant tries very hard to put morality out there on how human beings should be treated and his theory can be seen as absolutely amazing. However to what extent can his theory be used and what are the strengths and weaknesses that occur from his theory? The strengths and the main points that stand out in Kant´s theory are, he emphasis the value of every human being, he shines light that some acts can always be perceived as being wrong and it provides certainty. In further detail the theory proceeds on the assumption that every human being is endowed with reason, should purely act out of duty and carry responsibility for one´s actions. It´s totality is easily understandable as well as applicable - do what is right, because it is right and the other way around, so to speak. Not only the people, but also the environment would benefit from

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