Strengths Of Marketing Communication Strategies

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Marketing communication strategies address the issues of how (Processes, activities) when (stages of the marketing-mix) and to whom (target market & audience) a company might want to sell or advertise its products or services. They are the staple of an organisation competitive positioning as they directly or indirectly persuade consumers, by either changing their perception of a brand, or persuading them to purchase a product or service. Effective communication strategies will make sure that the right messages are conveyed to the right audiences through the right channels.
The marketing mix of a company or the 4 P’s (product, price, place promotion) aims to directly or indirectly
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The development of the worldwide web has shifted most of marketing strategies towards the “one to many” communication mode. A mode rather problematic in its beginning since site owners used to produce content for mass audiences, but frequently did little to interact with them. Until recently consumers had no saying on the products that they were purchasing and companies could not monitor their behaviours accordingly. In today’s Internet, the “many-to-many” communication mode has reached its pinnacle. Social networking and digital marketing now require the assistance of consumers to spread the word in ways that the “one-to-many” never could. Markets are now consumer orientated and the evolution of web 2.0 technologies have empowered them…show more content…
In this instance, innovation and R&D play a tremendous transformative role. As a result they can allow customers full access to a whole range of products or services, including bespoke options. Marketing automation tools and their development can allow marketers to establish excellent Customer Relationship Management by doing more than just adding prospect names in an email. Marketer can make use of visitor and lead intelligence tools to tailor the messages communicated based on the prospects’ profile and behaviours. Marketers can use retargeting services to stay ahead even when prospects have left a website. Marketers can use Facebook insights and Twitter’s products and services promotion platform to leverage many-to-many methods in the most personalised way
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