Strengthsfinder Strengths And Weaknesses

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StrengthsFinder: Choose five different strengths. Using the information in your motivation chapter, discuss how to differentially motivate these individuals. From StrengthsFinder 2.0, I chose these five strengths, “Achiever, Strategic, Individualization, Responsibility, and Intellection” (Rath, 2007) which are defined below. An Achiever feels the need to “establish a relationship with a person, and detests slackers” so I would approach this person by making sure that they always had a list of stuff that they could do (Rath, pg. 40). “Creating Natural work units by designing tasks that form a meaningful and important task rather than boring or irrelevant” will make sure that the Achiever is working with people who understand them (Robbins…show more content…
132). By “combining tasks: putting fragmented tasks back together to form a new, larger work module to increase skill variety and task identity,” I would be able to guide an intellectual to achieve a higher status (Daft, 2013, p.512). A Responsible person “defines himself/herself by the ability to live up to their commitment” and with that being said I would be attune to not give a large amount of work but focus on the “quality” of the task (Rath, pg. 152). “Expanding jobs vertically allows an employee to have some responsibilities and controls that were formerly reserved for manager, which can increase employee autonomy” (Daft, 2013, p.512). Finally, an employee that is Strategic needs to feel like they are, “Involved in planning sessions as well as meetings” (Rath, pg. 168). I would make sure to give this person ample time to come up with different ways to address the job, as well as including them in important decisions that I know they will be tactical about. In “establishing client relationships between workers and their clients, this allows them to increase their skill variety, autonomy, and feedback,” which brings about a strategic fulfillment (Daft, 2013,
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