Strengthsquest Reflection Paper

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The StrengthsQuest assessment allows individuals to identify their core strengths based on the answers to the questionnaire. After taking the assessment, my five themes include: adaptability, responsibility, strategic, relator, and maximizer. After better understanding these themes and how they relate to my life, I can connect them with my personal and work life. Adaptability Of my five themes, adaptability is a theme that I actively see in my life and prior to taking the StrengthsQuest assessment, I knew this theme was likely to be one of my themes. Currently, I see myself actively practicing this theme frequently and when reflection on my past, there have been several events in my life, where I’ve adapted to situations very easily. I’ve…show more content…
I can continue, even after graduating, to always complete tasks that I commit to, especially in my future career. I’ve found that if I don’t completely a commitment or complete it as best as I could, I feel guilty and disappointed in myself, because I know what I’m capable of doing and I won’t accept anything less than that. This theme relates well to my next theme, strategic. When it comes to assignments and tasks, I like to look for the best route to get it done. Both themes don’t allow for unclear or failing paths, but they look for the most effective path to ensure the task gets accomplished. When I’m assigned a responsibility, I tend to look for the best directions to go, that will not only make it easier for me to complete, but always ensuring that I complete it exceptionally well. This theme will greatly help me in the future by staying active and organized with my daily tasks, whether it being personal or with my career. This theme is very important to have, because it keeps you involved and ambitious for the future. One of my hobbies that I enjoy the most is volunteering. I’ve volunteered with local non-profit organizations for years, and I’ve made the connection with volunteering and this theme, which allowed me to understand why I possess this theme.
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