Strep Group B Research Paper

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Dr. Seuss once said, “a person is a person, no matter how small”. Children are often looked at as properties of parents and our caretakers instead of actual human beings. Often time’s people mistreat and under nurture their children because they do not see them as equal human beings. Some parent/caretakers over nature and over care their children. In a world where so many things are often happening to everyone people are often misinterpreting medical problems with signs of abuse. Streptococcus is often known as bacteria, that can affect a person’s throat. Often time’s people are unaware that this bacterium can also affect genital areas. Strep group B is commonly found in the vaginal, anal and rectal area of the body. This bacterium can affect 25 % of people, including pregnant women. Pregnant women are at risk of spreading the bacteria to their infants during pregnancy. This often occurs because symptoms of strep group B are not as common on adults as it is for children. This bacterium if it has contact with a genital area can cause severe redness and soreness in the area. When strep affects child 's parent are quick to assume some abused their child. Other signs and symptoms of strep group B in children are…show more content…
Nancy Kellogg did research on the amount of times children were taken to the hospital based on injuries similar to those of abuse. In her research she realized that female children were more prone to have injuries similar to abuse in their vaginal area because of the level of sensitivity the area has. With further research she then realized that few children were taken to the hospital because of actual abuse. Dr. Kellogg study opened the eyes of many parents who did not realize that giving their daughters bubble baths could cause then so much harm. Out of 184 only 12% of the cases had some type of abuse. 12% is still a pretty high number of abuse cases but it is more claiming to know that the children the majority of the time were not

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