Stress Among College Students

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Stress can be characterized as a trial to homoeostasis which is the body’s sense or state of equilibrium (Waghachavare, Dhumale, Gore 2013). Stress is a mental or physical wonder shaped through one’s intellectual evaluation of the incitement and is a consequence of one’s connection with nature (Lazarus & Folkman1984). This study obligates to know the stressors that can be a factor in contributing to the stress among college students. Undergraduates particularly first year recruits are a group exposed to stress because of the different nature of college life (Towbes & Cohen 1996). According to the researcher’s FGD’s or focus group discussions, most Filipino college students are stressed because of academic difficulties, peer pressure and parental…show more content…
Parents can be well meaning in needing their children to do well in school, however they are regularly too vigorously affected by a culture of scholarly power. They see the blasting test prep industry and feel weight of their own to ensure their youngster accomplishes a high score (Budzienski 2016). The friends that you meet in your college life can have an impact in your thought and conduct; studies show that there is considerable change in the execution of wellbeing practices amid the initial three years of school and that associates can strongly affect the sorts and extent of these progressions (Lau et al.…show more content…
It is normal for college students to be stressed because the feelings of stress demands to be felt but it is your choice if you let stress destroy you, it’s not all about how stressed you are but it’s all about how you handle and endure it. Ideas of suicide are one of the assortments of negative results among adolescence that is due to the relation of stress (Hirsch and Ellis 1996). On the off chance that stress is not managed adequately, feelings of forlornness, panic, restlessness, and a lot of worrying may result (Wright 1967). As a college student, we experience a lot of things along the way, we should take care of ourselves in order to move on and succeed because mental health is also wealth. Stress responses to different circumstances that influence the general level of a man’s wellbeing. One that they felt is constantly overpowered while they eat ineffectively, restless, and overpowered with upsetting occasions (Archer 2003). Therefore, the researcher concludes that Filipino college students are stressed because of academic difficulties, parental expectations and peer pressure. In light of these conclusions, the following recommendations are given:
First, a thorough study must be conducted about the other related stressors and factors that contribute to the stress of college students and second is that it is much better to have more than 20 participants for
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