Stress Among Students Essay

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Often in the process of learning or job people will experience feelings of stress. People also often complain that they suffer from stress and stress is a part of our lives. Most people will experience it at some point. Pressure is usually caused by various different factors. People will experience stress from work, school, family, relationships, health and past events. According to the House Dictionary published by Oxford University Press means the restless, anxious, and tense because of mental and physical stress. Therefore, a lot of people feeling restless and anxious faces are victims of stress. This is the main contributor to lead the students in higher education because they are exposed to stressful life style changes from secondary to tertiary level.
According to a study conducted by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in 2007, based on these studies and surveys carried out
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Peers that will cause stress which is where a friend is often disturb them, especially when they want to repeat their experiments cannot concentrate on learning. College environment uncomfortable as damage chairs, aircond the noise outside the classroom also causes stress. Many other sources that would cause stress among students Stress also has two types of negative and positive stress. Negative stress is the stress that will be bad for us, such as depression. According Campbell and svenson (1992) when viewed from the negative aspects of stress or stress is too high it can negatively impact the health and academic performance. Positive stress helps us to become aware of and encouraged us to face the challenge and help us solve the problem. Therefore, the stress among students is an alarming phenomenon that various parties and it should be dealt with first identify the causes of

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