Stress And Academic Stress

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Academic stress is mental distress with respect to some anticipated frustration associated with academic failure or even unawareness to the possibility of such failure. Students have to face many academic demands, for example, school examination, recitations in the class, showing progress in school subjects, understanding what the teacher is teaching, competing with other classmates, fulfilling teachers and parents academic expectations. These demands may tax or exceed available resources of the students. As a consequence, they are subjected under stress, since the demand is related to achievement of an academic goal. So, academic related to the achievement of an academic goal.
According to Bisht (1989) academic stress is defined as a demand related to academics that exceed the available resources (internal or external) as cognitively appeared by the student involved. According to her, academic stress reflects perception of individual’s academic frustration, academic conflict, academic pressure and academic anxiety. Academic stress is classified under three components and is as follows: Academic frustration is a state caused by harm of some academic goals wherein students tend to feel irritated when they are required to do a heavy workload. Academic Pressure is defined as when the student is required to spend heavy demands of time and energy to meet academic goals. And Academic Anxiety is the apprehension of harm because of worry to some academic goals.
Academic Stress is

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