Stress And Academic Stress

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Stress is a feeling when a person receive many pressure from the environment (NHS, 2014). Stress happened mostly when a person receive an overwhelming pressure in certain situation and unable to cope with it. It usually come from the situation where a person has a huge responsibility on his hand and realizing that the work is can not be done on his own, the source of stress is also called as stressor (Hoffmann, 2015). Selye (1978) states that stress is also known as General Adaptation Sydrome which consist of three stage, alarm reaction, resistance stage, and exhaustion stage. Alarm reaction is a reaction to stressor that influencing heart rate and blood pressure. Resistance stage is the stage when a person start to defense against the stress and healing the damage of the stress itself. Exhaustion stage is when a person start to adapt to a stressor. School and office are the most common place where a person started to being stress because of the number of works and the given responsibility. School frequently become the source of stress for many people, especially student which is called the academic stress. The accademic stress is a stress that is come from school environment and the impact is just on the student. It is commonly become the reason why many students have a academic problem and poor academic grade.
“Stressors are demands made by the internal or external environment that upset balance, thus affecting physical and psychological well-being and requiring action to

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