Stress And Environmental Stress

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Stress is a fundamental aspect of life and a considerable aspect of natural selection in the wild.
All organisms are engineered by their surrounding environment in a way that could challenge their very existence or in some other cases could just bring about a mild discomfort to their state of being but as a whole, surrounding environment exercises a pivotal mantle in sculpturing ecology and in a way evolution of biological systems and beings.

Environmental stress is especially cardinal at various levels of biological organization. In this context environmental stress according to Hoffman and Parsons is regarded as an “environmental factor causing a change in a biological system, which is potentially injurious” and which has some fitness consequences.
Environmental stress refers to physical, chemical, and biological restraints on the productivity of species and largely on the build out of ecosystems. When the exposure to environmental stressors vary in intensity with the subjection being strong or in a way that does not set situation for high degree of survival measures, ecological responses result thereof. Stressors could possibly be natural environmental factors, or they can be an upshot of anthropogenic activity highly ubiquitous in the current scenario. Some environmental stressors exert a relatively provincial influence, while others are regional or global in their sweep and might. Stressors are summons to the very integrity and protraction of ecosystems

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